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At Apex Marketing Strategy we understand what makes auto enthusiasts absolutely car crazy. We communicate the passion of owning, driving, maintaining, restoring, showing, buying, and selling automobiles in very different ways than other content providers. When others are happy to deliver the same-old history and tired comparisons, Apex actually drives the extra miles to put readers into the driver's seat in every article we write.

From syndicated content and made-to-order features, to auction catalog profiles of blue-chip vehicles for collectors, Apex Marketing Strategy offers a diverse range of deliverables and services for newspapers, print publications, online sites, corporations, government agencies, automotive clubs and private clients.

Apex's products and services include:
  • Weekly and Monthly Automotive Content Syndication
  • Newspaper, Buff Book and Online Freelancing
  • Event Coverage
  • Collector Vehicle Valuation Trends
  • Contemporary Industry and Classic/Historical Research
  • Collector Vehicle Auction Listing / Marketing Collateral
  • Sample Library

    Please enjoy this small selection of historical samples representing Apex's syndicated car column, online work and freelance articles spanning two decades.

    Car Profiles:

  • LeMay America's Car Museum's prized 1970 Dodge Charger R/T (from LeMay America's Museum En Route magazine.)
  • A Dream Ride In A 1967 Lamborghini Miura P400 (from Apex's "Sound Classics" syndicated newspaper column.)
  • A Boy And His Pony: On The Road With A 1966 Ford Mustang (from Apex's "Sound Classics" syndicated newspaper column.)
  • Yesterday And Today: Seat-to-Seat Comparison Of Chevy's Classic 1937 And Modern Avalanche Pickup Trucks (from Apex's "Sound Classics" syndicated newspaper column.)

    Features and Opinion (all from archives of The Four Wheel Drift):

  • Ten Opinions Held By Most Automotive Journalists With Which I Disagree
  • How Long Before Computer Hackers Send Viruses To Your Car?
  • Real-World Results Of Buying The Wrong Car For Your Teen

    Event Coverage:

  • Coverage of Kirkland Concours d'Elegance, Steamworks Concours d'Elegance and LeMay Concours (from Hemmings Motor News.)

    For more information about any of the automotive content products and services, contact Apex.

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